Android Application Development Services

Holistic Technologies is a famous Android App Development company in Pakistan that manages Android application especially for use with mobile phones. We have made in excess of a few android applications on each phase that people love to use. Holistic Technologies has the capacity in a wide scope of mobile applications for various client types since we are very expert just as reliable and direct.


Android Application Development is a time-consuming activity for beginner developers and may take up months for an undeniable Android application to be designed.

Notification Viewing

We build android applications for different platforms, it is a time-consuming job. A notification is a message visible to the users.

Pixel Perfect Design

We develop applications with pixel-perfect designs according to the screen sizes.

High Quality View

The high-quality view of interface will be designed and developed. Android applications with better quality view will be designed by our expert group of designers and developers.

Excellent Performance

The best highlight feature of the android application is that its performance will be exceptional.

Creative Design

Our expert team of designers develops creative designs of android application as per your requirements and desires.

Extreme Security

Your security is our first priority we will secure your data and information.


Our android developer in Pakistan has a solid command with regards to creating Native Android applications utilizing C++, JavaScript, and other major scripting dialects. Aside from this, we have practical experience in cross-stage application development and relocation of existing applications from different platforms to Android. We incorporate propelled tech segments that power-struck our application’s interface to surpass contenders. The native app provides fats performance, high degree of reliability and takes the advantages of new and latest technologies like GPS. Holistic Technologies provides the best Native app development service in Pakistan at affordable prices.


Prominent advantages of Native App are as follows:

  • Native App has expansive functionalities because of utilizing the capacities of the underlying device, for example, extremely simple to take advantage of more extensive functionality.
  • Native App is exceptionally quick and responsive programming execution i.e. flexible and exceptionally speedy, generally dependable and most responsive experience to clients.
  • Native App has message pop-ups, for example, Native App may utilize pop-up messages, cautioning clients when their consideration is required in the application.
  • Native App is a UI which better matches client experience of the OS and easy to use for all platforms.
  • Native App has quality assurance i.e. distributed in application stores.
  • Native Applications has the best execution.
  • Native App is increasingly intelligent, natural and runs a lot of smoother as far as user input and output.
  • A Native Application gives the developer to get to the full highlights set of their given platform with whatever performance optimizations the Native framework has.
  • For Native App, internet connection isn’t required, even though it relies upon the functionality.
  • Native App completely ensures your information and gives total security.


Hybrid App is a blend of Native App and a Web application that may run on various platforms, for example, Android, iPhone just as windows & feel like Native App. Clients may install it on their device like a Native application however actually, it’s a Web application. A Hybrid App has two significant parts i.e. back end code manufactured utilizing coding like HTML, CSS & JavaScript as well as native shell and associated with the device which is downloadable and loads the code utilizing Web view. It is a solitary item that deals with many working frameworks like iOS, Android and Windows, and so forth. Holistic Technologies is the most committed and devoted company that provides hybrid app development service in Pakistan at thrifty prices to our clients.

On the off chance that you need to manufacture a cross-channel portability arrangement or create mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows with a goal of quicker time to showcase at that point getting it created on Hybrid Mobile Frameworks ought to be the best for following reasons:

  • Different Hybrid mobile platforms to choose from such as Ionic, IBM Worklite, Phone Gap, and Xamarin.
  • Rearrange trustworthiness on native iOS, Windows or Android phone developers.
  • Hybrid applications cost around 60-70% of native applications.
  • Speed time to advertise since the improvement time is decreased up to half.

After working with various brands and organizations, Holistic Technologies can take out the knocks and wounds which accompany building up an application. Feel free to contact for more information on mobile application development for the iPad, iPhone, Android tablet and Android mobiles.


Following are the most prominent advantages of Hybrid Application Development:

  • Hybrid App diminishes the expense of advancement and you don’t have to enlist various developers.
  • The hybrid app has low support.
  • Hybrid App has a shorter time to showcase the intended interest group rapidly and it spares time and vitality.
  • Hybrid App based on web innovation HTML, CSS, JavaScript and it is a lot simpler to manufacture.
  • Hybrid App is less expensive than a Native App.
  • Hybrid App is one application for all platforms utilizing innovation like Cordova.
  • Hybrid App needs no program rather than a web.
  • Hybrid App is quicker to create than Native App as a result of a single code base