Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Services

SEO Services

(Search Engine Optimization) service, increases the number of users to a web site by getting high-ranking placement in the organic search results page, called SERP.

SEM/PPC Services

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)/ PPC (Page per Click) is a paid campaign by Google in which you will be charged by some amount on every single click.

SMO/SMM Services

(Social Media Optimization) is the organic way to increase the awareness through different social media sites, in while SMM (Social Media Marketing) is a paid campaign.

How we do SEO?

Here are the plan of actions we do on a project.

  1. Website SEO Audit
  2. Keywords setting on Targeted URLs
  3. Keyword Optimization
  4. Content Optimization
  5. Meta Tags Generations
  6. Focus Keywords Optimization in Content and Meta Data
  7. Set Targeted URLs for SEO
    1. Meta Title
    2. Meta Description
  8. XML Sitemap
  9. Heading Tag Optimization
  10. On-Page Links Analysis for Targeted Keywords
  11. Google Tools
    1. Google Webmaster
    2. Google Analytics
  12. Off-Page Optimization on specific Tools.

How we do SEM / PPC?

Here are the plan of actions we do on a project.

  1. Keyword Research to Target most Relevant Audience
  2. Account Setup and PPC Campaign Creation
  3. Ad Group Creation
  4. Keywords Setup
    • Exact, Phrase, Broad, Modified Broad
  5. Negative Keywords
  6. Google Webmaster Setup
  7. Google Analytics Setup
  8. Campaign Network
    • Search Network
    • Display Network
  9. Campaign Management
    • Manual CPC
    • Enhanced CPC
    • Maximize Clicks
  10. Time Zone
    • Campaign days management
    • Campaign Time management
  11. Ads Management
    • Creating Ads
    • Creating Dynamic Ads
  12. Ad Extension
    • Callout, Sitelinks, Call etc.
  13. Maintenance of Campaign on daily basis

How we do SMM / SMO?

Here are the plan of actions we do on a project.

  • Creative Strategy
  • Campaign Management
  • Community Management
  • Paid Media

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