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Extended Warranty Plan Is the Only Complete Warranty Plan Available.

With the help of an extended warranty plan, the parts along with the labor of the defected machinery will be covered within. Extended warranty plan can be bought along with the device so, once the warranty of the brand expires, the warranty is extended through holistic technologies.

With the help of the extended warranty plan, the buyer can get extended warranty as well as product replacement on all the devised covered by the plan. 

1-year warranty

Under extended warranty, the damaged product is repaired free of cost and returned to its normal operating condition. 

This covers labours, parts, associated charges, transportation cost involved in repair as well as reinstallation of the appliance. 


In the case of damaged product, follow these step to claim the warranty

  • Within seven days, the customer must report the issue within the device otherwise, this will not include within the replacement plan.
  • Check the device according to the manufacturers’ instruction before brining to the help desk.
  • Bring the device to the help desk.
  • Keep a copy of the invoice and submit it to the helpdesk when you bring the damaged devise. 
  • Disclaimer: benefits will be null and void if the declaration or claim is fraudulent according to the company research. 
  • In case, the device is damaged beyond repair, a gift card will be issued. Moreover, the extended warranty will be cancelled with the replacement or gift card. 
  • In the case of unrepairable product, the cost will be covered by an extended warranty. The device will be replaced by a similar product or a gift voucher will be given or the same value. This is applicable if the customer pays 14% of the original invoice value within the first year or 24% value within 2 years or 34$ value of the invoice within 3 years towards the service charges. 
  • A handling fee of 9% will be charged form the customer according to the product value that will be replaced under the EW replacement scheme (this excludes instant redemption when product is purchased). 

Three-Step Hassle-Free Process 

  • We pick a device from the doorstep.
  • Repair it under complete supervision.
  • Deliver it back at your doorstep within 3 working days. (T&C applicable) 

Cancellation of the extended warranty plan can be processed within 7 days of the purchase starting from the exact date of purchase. For claiming the cancellation, the buyer has to bring the invoice along with them to the customer care.

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