Holistic Shield Plus

Get your mobile, table and IT gadgets insured against any damage (accidental or liquid), cracked screen etc. for 2 years with the help of HT shield. This is the first of its kind insurance plan that surpasses the 1 year’s manufacturer warranty plan.

Ht shield Plus

HT shield+ covers any possible damage that can be done to your gadgets this includes mobile, tablet, IT products etc. HT shield+ is the first of its kind insurance plan for the gadgets that covers against any accidental damage, liquid damage, cracked screen etc. for complete 2 years starting from the date of purchasing the HT shield+. In case, the gadget goes through any damage during this period of 24 months, this will be repaired under the HT shield+.

  • The repair handling charges according to the Holistic technology shield is 10% which is less than the price of the original product.
  • In case the gadget is damaged beyond economic repair, replacement or the value of gift card, the shield will be cancelled with the replacement or a gift card.
  • In case of the product being damaged beyond repair, cost of replacement will be covered for the product through gift voucher of the same value when the customer will pay up to 10% of the actual value of the product (within 1 year of purchase, starting from the date of purchase) and 20% of the actual product price with service charges( when the purchase exceeds the 1-year limit starting from the date of product purchase).


  • Any liability covered under the electronics appliance manufacture warranty will not be covered by the TH shield.
  • Defect not initially covered under manufacture warranty or supplier warranty except damage protection.
  • Routine maintenance, cleaning, de-scaling, lubrication etc.
  • Misuse damage, negligence, transit damage etc.
  •  loss in a fire, explosion, natural calamities etc.
  • Damage in accessories is not included
  • Any transmission or reception issue due to external reason.
  • Data or hardware corruption due to virus
  • Model or serial number is removed or tempered.
  • In case of Modification to the original design
  • Damage due to wrong power usage, voltage, corrosion, rust or supply issue in electricity, gas or water.
  •  Damage due to unauthorized repair by third party or device repaired by the third party before.
  • Device recalled by the brand
  • Damage due to any cosmetic change including paintwork, dent or scratch removal etc.
  • Devise used for rent or commercial usage.
  • Damage due to not following manufacturer instruction.
  • Damage to recording media due to software defects or software generated issues.
  • Delay of repair due to Import restrictions of parts according to the company law may apply.

Plan can be cancelled within 7 days starting from the date of purchase for any reason. For the cancellation to be carried out, the person must have HT shield certificate along.

Disclaimer: benefits of the shield will be null and void if the claim is fake or fraudulent according to the investigation.