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We give your faulty LED/LCD a life!

If you need your LED or LCD fixed, we have a wide range of branded products for replacement. Our customers are our first priority. Holistic Technologies Pakistan is the best option out there for all sorts of LED /LCD repairs. We make sure to provide you with the best LCD repairing service. led repair in lahore

Best LCD Repairing Service 

Owning an LCD means you have to make sure you know everything about the LCD you own. This includes the cost of LCD screen repair in Lahore as well as the warranty plans offered for repair within the city. Buying a home appliance is taken as an investment by most of us, which is the reason we take it very seriously if there is a need for repair. People usually focus on cheap LCD repair service in Lahore, so they can save money and get the repair at cheap prices. However, most companies do not offer good value for money and they do not focus on delivering quality services. To ensure that the focus is on quality and the device doesn’t have to go for the repair, again and again, it is better to select the best LCD repair company in Lahore. For beginners this can be quite challenging to figure out if a company offering repair services is good enough or not, however, simple steps and properties can help everyone select a good enough repair service company for their LCD.

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LED/LCD Displays

We are proficient in providing LED/LCD repair services for our valuable customers. We can repair cracked screens, lines running through the screens and other software and hardware problems. led repair in lahore

What We Offer

We at holistic technologies, aim to provide a one-stop solution for all your repair related needs. Additionally, we also offer repair under warranty facility where you can buy any appliances and opt for extended warranty plan so that you don’t have to pay for any repair in case you face some issue, manufacturing fault or assembling issue. Additionally, we offer to pick and drop service as well as complete assistance on walk-in services. We have designed a complete step by step protocol system where user can ensure quality services and can claim the warranty at any time during the repair process. Our step by step repair protocol system consists of detailed diagnosis where the technician diagnoses the device and provide a report to explain the issue. Once the issue is diagnosed, the user is then informed about the possible invoice to make sure it matched the budget limit of the user. Once passed by the user, we deliver the device to our team for repair. Our repair team conducts a detailed repair analysis and then restore and assemble the device accordingly. After the clearance is issued by the repair team, the device is then passed to the quality assurance team for ensuring the quality repair. The device is only handed over to the customer after it is checked by the quality assurance team and the technician supervisor issue the clearance.

Hire Holistic Technologies as your LED/LCD Repair Partner?

We know choosing the best LCD repair company is Lahore can be quite daunting because there are so many companies offering led repair price in Lahore. Additionally, some companies are offering these services at very cheap rates, which is a great catch for people who are looking for affordable services. Previously, tv repair home service Lahore were quite common and most people were looking for easy repair services for their TV however, things have changed now. There are companies offering repair services at affordable prices but they do not ensure the quality. 

We, at holistic technologies, offer remarkable services within your budget and still manage to ensure the quality. Additionally, we offer repair services for all brands including the Sony, Philips, Haier, LG, Ecostar and Samsung led repair in Lahore.

Product Quality & Reliability

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  • Advanced Facilities for LED/LCD Repair
  • Skilled Technicians
  • 100% Genuine LED/LCD Parts

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