intercom installation

Intercom Installation

Looking for Video Doorbell Phone In Pakistan

Holistic Technologies is the only company that can provide you with video doorbell services.

Our experts are familiar with security issues in Pakistan and so we have come up with an easy solution. We assist you in installing face detective camera bell and video doorbell phone.   

Video Doorbell Phone

Video doorbell phone helps in getting connected with the person on the other side of the gate through a phone call. On hearing the bell, the user will be able to see the video and press the button to let the authorized person enter the house by pressing a button. The audio phone is connected to a button that uses technology to open the door remotely. 

Why choose us?

  • Our customers are our priority and we guarantee a remarkable customer experience.
  • Basic installation along with design location
  • Setup ring video and audio bell system
  • Tying and tidying up wires
  • Configuring any necessary peripheral devices

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