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In the post-COVID-19 world, Holistic Technologies is concern with the safety of its clients. Our Sanitizing Walkthrough Gates can be compelling in cleaning maximum bacteria and viruses from your body and clothes. The non-hazardous formula of disinfectant spray is suitable for both adults and children. These Sanitizing Walkthrough Gates are specially designed for banks, mosques, companies, shopping malls and grocery stores, etc. Our Sanitizing Walkthrough Gates are available all-around Pakistan.

Sanitizing Walkthrough Gates steps

Sanitizing Walkthrough gates are perfect for places with high human traffic. With 7 seconds spray time, 8 people can sanitize through these smart gates in one minute. The sanitizing spray will kill infectious viruses or bacteria on the body. These gates are cost-effective and easy to operate. Our R&D team has smartly made the minimalistic design of these Sanitizing gates to control the spread of coronavirus in public gatherings. 

Sanitizing Walkthrough Gates
Sanitizing Walkthrough Gates

These walkthrough gates are used as a safety shield against viruses and bacteria. Disinfecting walkthrough gates could play a vital role to control coronavirus and keep people safe from any harmful bacteria. Our gateways contain movement sensors so no spray is going to waste. The reliability of these gateways’ technology makes it suitable for high traffic locations like grocery stores, markets, shopping malls, etc.

Why Sanitizing Walkthrough Gates?

Sanitizing walkthrough gates are the best way to minimize the spread of viruses and bacteria. These gateways help in sanitizing people by spraying chemicals from nozzles, while passing through these gates. Sanitizing Walkthrough Gates have some advanced specifications like:

  • Dimensions 3 width* 6 Length, 8 Height
  • Sensors with adjustable timing and sensitivity
  • 360-degree spray
  • Minimized wastage
  • Disinfection liquid is non-hazardous and Eco-friendly
  • 7 Seconds Spray Time
  • Control Panel 
  • Glass Design
  • Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Holistic Technologies is one of the leading and committed providers of security and safety products. Our team has supplied many gates to the Govt. offices as well as private sectors. Holistic Technologies is an authorized dealer of world-leading safety and security products.

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