Smart Locking System

Secure the rooms by using our Smart locking system. A full security system may be the peace of mind for you and your loved ones.  You can control smart locks from your smartphone, so you can lock and unlock your front door remotely from anywhere and anytime.

Smart locking system

Smart lock available in many different styles with fitting for wooden, glass, iron, and aluminum doors. There are multiple ways to access your lock.

Access lock through code, biometric fingerprints, RFID cards, face, palm, smartphone, or by your voice command. Get a report of lock operations. Cloud-based services of locks access from anywhere anytime. Set the schedule to lock/unlock by smartphone from anyplace.

Why use smart Lock?

Smart locks are a bit expensive than a traditional simple lock, but they have more advantage and security values. Their unique features voice commands, fingerprints, face & palm recognition will make your busy life more comfortable.

Locks are very crucial as no unknown person can enter into the personal room and steal any vital information. The code assigned to the employees so that you get to know who signed in or out.

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