Solar Panel

Using renewable energy resources is the need of the hour which is the reason it is now becoming a priority for everyone. With the help of solar energy, users can not only reduce the bill but also control the energy on their own depending on their needs. Imagine a life where you no longer require to pay the bill and you can enjoy unlimited power supply without any power cut off or load shedding. Holistic Technologies (Pvt). Ltd is a leading solar company in Lahore offering the best solar panel price, spare parts as well as installation. We aim to provide the best power solution that fits your power requirement and daily needs. 

Solar Panels

Holistic technologies (Pvt). Ltd a detailed designed system with protocols to meet the needs of everyone. From the basic need for lighting up your house to a full-fledged power solution for your office, we are experts in all domains.

We have designed a step-by-step system to analyze and know about the needs of the customers and then provide them easy solutions according to their energy needs. Our standard package consists of solar panels, solar panel inverter, battery bank for back up, and mounting structure. 

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With the help of our in-house team of engineers, we make sure everything is installed properly to meet the energy needs while making sure everything is safe. Starting from the on-site consultancy and energy audit, we have a detailed step-by-step procedure that ensures you get the maximum performance out of your solar power system. Even with the complete analysis and thorough plan, we rely on our customers’ approval.

From the recommended size of the panel to the arrangement and place of installation, we encourage the input of our client at every step. We aim to make power easily accessible for all which is the reason we provide easy access to solar panels in Lahore for everyone. 

With compatible solar panel prices, high quality, and easy installation, our technicians at holistic technologies aim to make the solar panel system easily accessible. Regardless of solar panel invertors available in the market, we offer better quality and our expert technicians provide solar inverter installation services at extremely low prices. 

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Solar Panel Price & Packages

For better details and information about our services and solar panel price, we have listed down a table as below: 

1KVA Solar System Price in Pakistan

1kw solar system price in pakistan

2KVA Solar System Price in Pakistan

2kw solar system price in pakistan

3KVA Solar System Price in Pakistan

3kva solar system price in pakistan

5KVA Solar System Price in Pakistan

5kv solar system price in pakistan
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