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Holistic Technologies Pakistan provides broad range for Installation of IP Telephony System / Telephone / PABX Systems. Our services includes IP Telephony, Call Recording Setup, Call Monitoring Set up, Multi branch connectivity, Voicemail, Voice interactive response.

PABX Systems

PBX Systems

Telephone Exchange

Why Holistic Technologies as your telephone exchange partner?

It is cost saving. It enhances the productivity of a business. It allows the unified numbering across sectors. Free calls to interconnect enterprise divisions. IP-PBX solutions can scale seamlessly to accommodate peak call volumes, project a visible business growth. Our team has gained experience by working on several complex cases. Following are the brands in which we can provide you excellent support: Panasonic telephone system support, Avaya telephone system, Support NEC telephone system support, Cisco telephone system support, Samsung telephone system support and Yeastar telephone system support.