Walk Through Gates

Holistic Technologies is committed to satisfying our valuable customers with prime and far above the ground of innovative and high-quality products. We have a wide range of Walk Through Gate Security System In Pakistan. Walk Through Gates are best for huge pedestrian places. It permits security system experts to scan individuals more rapidly in a better manner. It expands their proficiency and limits the security risk. Our metal detection items secure high-risk and populated places like offices, airports, stadiums and schools.

Walk Through Gates are perfect for areas having high human traffic and requiring their physical check for any metal. Through its different zones, walkthrough gates can identify and alert the presence of metal kept or covered up with a human body.

Walk Through gates are used for security control and recognize any metal in a limited region. These gates alarms in the case like someone having a gun, blade knife or any dangerous thing kept with the human body. The reliability of Walk-through Gates’ technology makes it suitable for high traffic locations. Our Walk-through gates have various security levels and zones. The security can be handled as per the security requirement.

Why Walk-Through gates?

  • Walkthrough gate metal detectors are the best way to minimize security risk. Walk-through gates warn and stop humans to carry metals or any other harmful things in the prohibited area. It gives audio or visual alarm for security professionals to check the detected person. Walk-through gates have advanced features like:

    • Reduces the RF interference
    • Less false alarm rates
    • Column and flat-panel styles
    • Ergonomic handheld designs

    Holistic Technologies is a leading supplier of safety and security products in Pakistan. Our experts have supplied and installed hundreds of walk-through gates to many organizations and Govt. offices across Pakistan. Holistic Technologies is an authorized dealer of world-leading safety and security products.