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Holistic Technologies is Pakistan’s No.1 leading company for an X-ray baggage scanner.  Security has evolved over the last decade from basic analog black-box devices to intelligent technologies. Therefore, the X-ray baggage scanners are ideal for faster security screening of cabin baggage and small parcels. Holistic Technologies offers advanced X-ray baggage scanners to keep your passengers and assets safe.   

An X-ray Baggage Scanner identifies harmful metals and materials. Different materials absorb rays at different levels. Harmful cargo must be inspected by shippers or else it could end up across borders and in the wrong hands.

Working principle of X-ray Baggage Scanner

The main working principle of the X-ray baggage scanner is to use a small number of X-rays to illuminate the things for inspection, use a computer to analyze the rays. The image is displayed that highlights the dangerous items. The items are differentiated in different colors.


The  X-ray Baggage Scanner is not a display, but it takes up the task of guarding the security at many places like railway stations and airports, etc. Some passengers are not aware of the harmful and harmless goods. Therefore, X-ray Baggage Scanners are placed at places like Arenas and crowded places to secure both the public and VIPs.

Choose X-ray Baggage Scanners

The X-ray Baggage Scanner is equipped with the advance X-ray image detection system which provides the digital image with an efficient and reliable high-quality image processing system. This equipment can store high definition images and has an automatic alarm for dangerous or harmful goods. X-ray Baggage machines are not only to scan bags but parcels as well.


Holistic Technologies is proud to provide the most advanced certified security X-ray machines on the market today. We supply, install and maintain a wide range of X-ray Baggage Scanners. In addition to this, we also offer advanced Cargo X-ray machines for those looking for extra security.